Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston on my Mind

Boston is really on my mind.

And not just because it is has been front page news this past week, but because of the impact of disasters, both natural and man-made, on the people connected to it.

We were just there.  My husband and our two daughters and I just walked those tidy streets and met those friendly people.  Bostonians opened their arms to the World Championships of Irish Dance, and we flooded their hotels with wigs and sparkled dresses and tapping feet.  We spent ten days in the Boston area, and we had an amazing time.

My travel blog was about to be posted on Patriots Day. I held back for a week, and now feel the best thing is to celebrate everything good about Boston.  And encourage families to visit.  We share your pain, applaud your strength, and admire your fortitude.

Our family joined friends, and we signed up for the "Hop On Hop Off" Bus, and took advantage of the included admission to the "Boston Tea Party" exhibit.  Our kids ages 9-15 learned the history of the beginnings of the American Revolution, and the role Bostonians played in the birth of the United States as an independent country.  The interactive play was both entertaining and educational, letting the kids act out characters, yell out encouragement in a big "Hazzah!" and throw the tea bales off the ships into the sea (earning souvenir feathers for their attempts).  We got to experience the interior of a pilgrim's ship, and feel connected to the 17th century players.  It was a highlight of the trip.

Another must-do (for Mom and Dad, anyway) was a quick lunch at the Cheers bar.  Iconic from the 80's sitcom, the small downstairs pub on Beacon Hill delivered with simple pub fare and good cold brew... Samuel Adam's just to be local.

The excursion to the New England State would not have been complete without taking in a Boston Bruins game.  In fact, our Dance Dad would have probably called the trip a miss if it had not have been happening in the home venue of his all-time favourite hockey team, with a chance to visit the Boston Gardens.  As luck would have it, with the NHL strike over and a condensed season in progress, we had a choice of three possible games that week, tickets bought online.  Hubby picked the Original Six classic: Bruins versus the Habs.  Complete with the rivalry chants, the crowds celebrated in full style both pre-game at the neighbouring Hurricane O'Reilly's and post-game as well.  Families were welcomed into the pubs (YES!), so if a father-son game is on the itinerary, hockey in Boston is a must.

You can't predict the future.  Or guarantee that you won't be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  If you are familiar with our story, you already know that we experienced several instances of near-miss events, where a major tragedy occurred within weeks of our visit or immediately prior to our arrival.

Our hearts go out to all those affected by the horrible life-changing events in Boston last week.  How easy it could have been our family, our event sabotaged by the twisted actions of others.  But if we give power to those people, by living scared or intimidated, we give them more than they are worth.

Go hug your kids, your parents, those who are your world.  And then go out and explore it. Together.

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  1. Hi there,
    Sounds like you had a wonderful trp, but my goodness, you are sure keeping your guardian angels busy.
    Lots of Love & Big Hugs
    Auntie Donna & Uncle Jack xxoo