Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Read in Week classroom visits

"Was there really a lion in the toilet?" asked a sweet little first grader at the fifth school we visited during Read In Week in October.

"Yes," Katie nodded.  "There really was."

Katie and I toured several schools in the Edmonton area, sharing stories of family adventure with children ages 5 to 15.  Every age was captivated, whether it be by the tale of swimming with sharks at the Ningaloo Reef, or what happened when the kids took their mom sandboarding down the dune of Huachachina outside Ica, Peru.

Our task was to challenge young writers to put pen to paper and share their stories, the same way Katie did in her journal and now her coming picturebook "Katie Rounds the World."  And several schools responded with envelopes that delighted us in their efforts.

If children are passionate about their topic, writing can be easy.

"Have you ever been on an adventure to see an animal in the wild?  Have you ever played in the sand or the jungle or the ocean?  Have you been caught in a storm or lost in the wilderness?  What happened?  Did it turn out okay in the end?"

Hands waved wildly in the air.

"Will you write us a story about your adventures?"

The excitement was barely contained as the classes returned to their desks, in immediate search of paper and a pen.

Thank you AL Horton in Vegreville and Lamont, Pollard Meadows and Woodbridge Farms.  You have inspired us to write more, too.

And yes, we would love to visit you again, soon :)  Send us an invitation, and we'll be there!

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