Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Heartfelt letter from a non-Reader

I opened my email this morning, and received the best present any (new) author might wish for.  Truly, I have read this letter several times, and each time my heart sings anew.

Thank you Pat for taking the time to write to me... I am thrilled you enjoyed our story, and the teacher in me rejoices that I could share with you the world in a book :) You truly made all the (blood, sweat, tears) months of work, worthwhile.  You reminded me why I had to write, and why I shouldn't stop.   Thank you for being my inspiration.  Cheers!  Lisa xox

Good Morning Lisa,

Pat here.

I have just spent the last two weeks with your beautiful mother and I have to say it has been an amazing time getting to know your mother and learning more about each of her two children whom she loves tremendously.  When we were talking about the vacation, I was wondering what in the world I would do for two whole weeks away with doing not much than R&R.  Most people that go away especially women tend to bring a couple of books and read, relax and enjoy quiet time.  Well I would not be one of those women, you see at the age of 56 I have yet to read a book from front to back, as I hated reading in school and was not encouraged when growing up.  Reading to your children is so important when they are young; this gives them a basis of enjoying books and wanting to read more.  

With books you can go anywhere in the world you want.  What a gift any author can pass on to the very young and old.

Well, your aunt Denise had her copy of your book at the Villa we stayed at.  So I thought what the heck I will give it a try and see if it would keep me interested enough to at least read a couple of chapters.

Well my dear Lisa, I have to thank you for taking me around the world in eight days on such an adventure. It is beyond my wildest dreams that I would be so fortunate to complete reading a book of 454 pages in one week.  Your writing is amazing, as it is very very easy to read, and while reading your story I laughed, was scared for you and your family, as well as was speechless at some of your adventures.  

There was a lot of teasing by your uncle as the book went everywhere except to dinner with me.  This is something that is new to me and something that I felt would truly never happen in my life. I did not like reading in school as I was a slow reader and could not complete some exams because of my reading so slow.  That became a thorn in my side and I just left it at that.

Your book has given me a reason to continue to find books like yours that has taken me on adventures that I could imagine in my mind.  The colors were so vivid to me while reading, it was almost like a movie in my mind.  I could not put the book down, as I could hardly wait to see what was going to happen next.  Your writing is so clear and helped me to visualize so much of the world that I will probably never see, other than through the words in your book.

Your children are so very fortunate to have parents that put their day to day lives on hold so that the family could really get a chance to know each other on such an intimate level that would have never happened at home with everyone being so busy.

Lisa my dear, your book has inspired me at 56 years old to start to read books, a whole new world has been opened to me just waiting for me to experience journeys that only one can imagine while reading a book.  How my life would have been enriched if I would have been fortunate enough to have had a teacher like yourself while attending my first years of school.  You have a gift for writing, I hope you continue to write and open up the world of reading to lots of others that are just like I was before reading a book cover to cover.

Mom! There's a Lion in the Toilet, has opened a door for me that I have never opened. Now I don't want to close it. I am beyond grateful for your book and your decision to write it.  WOW I had such an adventure, all because of going on holidays with your mom.

Again, thank you and take care. I am using your mothers Facebook because I don't have one.  Too much confusion for me. LOL

Pat Racine

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