Friday, March 18, 2011

Body Surfing with Sea Turtles

We got moving early this morning, and met up with Mike, Deb and Marsha over at Kapa'a for breakfast at the iconic seaside buffet at Scotty's.  The berry pancakes and crispy bacon were consumed by the plateful, and again I had to notice how much the kids have grown over the past four months.  Sunshine and sleep, I'm guessing that was the ticket.  From Kapa'a, we made our way through the snarl of traffic over to Poipu on the sunny side of the island of Kauai.

Across from Brenekke's there is a beach with the smooth, high waves perfect for body surfing.  Though it rained en route, we had a cloud-free day of sun and enough wind to keep us from over-heating.  We were met by the entire Michigan contingent, Mike and Deb's friends who have met here for holidays, all great people who love to laugh and have fun- can you guess that Rick fits right in?  And the best part:  turtles, within feet of the shore, playing in the water with the people-fish.  From spot above the rocky shore near our picnic table, where I laid my towel to watch the surf beneath, we spent the whole day delighted by the antics of at least ten turtles (including some BIG turtles, the up to 300 pound variety) as they too rode the waves and then popped up for a breath, only to ride again.

Rick and the kids had a great time in the surf, and had a few close encounters of the reptilian kind.  They were all wearing masks and more than once came face-to-face with a turtle smile as they both caught the same ride.  Derek had a large one bump him a couple times, and at one point landed with his foot on a rock on the bottom, only to have the "rock" swim away and surface further out a ways.  Katie was thrilled to watch  the turtles "wave" with their front flippers then glide across the surface of the wave.  Her last experience with turtles was in a quiet bay andor laying sleeping on the shore, so this playful variety was very appreciated.  It was hard for all of us not to laugh at the antics of ten turtles on a play date.

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