Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Garden Isle

Flight:  Hawaiian Airlines Kona-Honolulu-Lahui  35 min flight - 45 min wait- 30 min flight, same plane
Rental car:  Chev Tahoe (nice!)
Accomodation:  Princeville, The Cliffs condo

We arrived just shy of midnight at our condo on the north shore of Kauai, after a detour past Micky D's.  That was a mistake, as Rick suffered a couple of hours later from a burger that had definitely been under the lights way too long. Ugh.  The flight from Kona was a pleasant surprise.  The codes on the flights were two separate ones, so we had been expecting to do a 500 yard dash between gates to make our short connection, but after we touched down we were informed it was the same plane so we were able to stay aboard while the new passengers joined us.  The pilots were excellent, and invited the kids up to the cockpit with the camera, letting Katie "steer" from the pilot's seat and earn her Hawaiian Airlines wings... didn't think that was possible on any flights since 9/11, so a very pleasant surprise.  That was her 22nd flight in 120 or so days, so she has earned them!

The next morning we appreciated our condo all the more... the kitchen has a floor to ceiling view of the ocean and while making coffee I watched whales breaching and blowing offshore.  Very distracting, and I think I will be burning breakfast!   The unit itself was a great internet find, only $125/night to sleep six, and all the amenities we could want:  newly renovated pool, yoga classes, bbq's and walking trails, plus around-the-corner to Mike and Deb.

We were very happy to connect with our great friends from Michigan, and felt "full circle", since it was Mike that drove us to the airport on the day we started this adventure.  The kids have been working on their journals, coin collections, and slide show presentations, and were able to share their stories of the past four months.  It's been quite an adventure, but they are itching now to get home.


  1. Hello Andersons! Its Allison from Phuket. Just read all your blogs from Thailand to Kona. What an awesome trip - well written like a travel guide but with humour and wit. I was in the Gili Islands between Bali and Lombok when the tsunami hit, but was on 20cm so no damage. I have many friends in Kona and felt their anxiety and relief that no one there was killed. but yes a lot of damage. I broke my finger in my second trip to Thailand and had emergency surgery in Bangkok with 3 pins added to my bones. In Bali now, Bandung 2weeks, Canada April, Kona till May. hope to see u in AB!!!

  2. Would love to see you, so make sure you email us when you are near - 6andersons1world@gmail.com Glad you like the blog, and I hope to do some edits and additions then see about publishing... would like the kids to each have a copy, and am willing to share! Safe travels... the Anderson's