Monday, March 14, 2011

Hiking at Hawi

Up to Weimei today to check out the best breakfast place on the island, according to visitors and locals alike.  We had to stant in line a bit, but with pancakes and bacon piled high, and kahlua pork and spam as sides, it was worth the wait.... all the teenage bellies were happy.

We drove the mountain road over to the north side again after breakfast, with views of Maui off shore.  The village of Ha'wi is very artsy, and home to many galleries and quiet shops.  There is a lookout at the end of the road, with a view of the north coastline, rugged and inaccessible.  The trail at the end of the road leads to a black sand beach in a river valley, the Pololu Valley in the Kohala Mountains.  We felt the need to explore.  The trail was pretty steep, and rather hard to negotiate in flip flops, but we made it down in under a half hour. This black sand was the coarse variety, more sharp and rocky like the black sands we remember.  The river wasn't flowing, but I can imagine it would be rather fierce when it rains. The way back up was actually easier to pick footing, but I could feel the burn by the top.  We certainly earned our ice cream!

It has been nice to prepare our own meals in the last half of this trip.  A trip to the market for dinner is less expensive as well as more relaxed as compared to eating out all the time.  Tonight the choice was lamb chops, a carry-over favorite from Australia.  Roasted on the BBQ with mint jelly, I think it will be on the menu when we get home too.  We all like meat pies now too, and Travis promised me that his friend Declan's mom Gay can teach me how to make great ones, she is an excellent cook.  The ones from Costco just won't be the same.

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