Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boys Trip to Goondi

The storm followed us home from the Zoo, where we had a super-hot day under the sun with little wind to cool off.  We could see the dark clouds as we neared the coast, and the wind whipped up as we entered the underground parking.  From our third floor balcony we had a great view of the surf at the bottom of the seacliffs, where the experienced surfers played in the 20' wake.

We got on the internet and connected with Vicki and Craig, to make sure our plans to head to New Zealand would be okay dates for them.  It will be really nice to visit with them again, as it has been since before Katie arrived at Stuart and Chantel's wedding in Vancouver that we last saw them.  Craig is Stu's brother, and they spent several months with us in Lamont at the farm when the kids were little.  We first met when we were in New Zealand in 1992, when they were managing the Blue Duck Valley ranch in Kaikoura, but they have now relocated to Lincoln in the Christchurch area on the way to Banks Peninsula.  We are very excited to spend some time there with them next week.

Rick and Travis also made arrangements to spend a couple days out in Boggabilla, just over the Queensland border in NSW by Goondiwindi.  That is the area where big floods went through when we first arrived in January, but the water has now receded and the cleanup is mostly complete.  Graham and Kylie run the Turkey Lagoon station there, growing cotton and raising cattle.  This storm means the temperature will be cooler, not the staggering 40's they had on our last attempt to visit the beginning of Feb.  So in the morning, Rick and Travis will head out to the plains, back to farming country.

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