Saturday, February 19, 2011

Surfy Dudes

Our condo has the best location, overlooking Sunshine Beach with full ocean view of the surf beach and within walking distance to the Surf Lifesaving Club as well as the coffee shops and restaurants and pubs.  The sun has been shining since we arrived, and the boys are excited to practice their skills in the waves, especially since the weather is "beaut" and the water is "warm as".

We headed into town and found a second hand shop with some great boards, which they have pledged to "buy back" before we leave, a cheaper alternative to the 10 day rental contracts we were offered at the surf shops.  Armed with their boards and wax, we headed first to Witches Cauldron - sounds scary, but really had the nicest small-ish regular waves and is only waist deep off the point so great for building confidence... too shallow for Great Whites!

We have been visiting and traveling and moving non-stop on this trip.  It is nice to put in for a ten day stretch, unpack the bags and not drive anywhere for a bit.  The kids are catching up with their friends (facebook and skype have truly changed the world!) and I have been able to have wifi long enough to update the blog - as well as sit still and just read a book before making dinner and in between loads of laundry.  Rick will no doubt be bored of playing hearts on the computer soon enough and want to GO SOMEWHERE, but for now, time to relax.

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