Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cocklebiddy, who came up with this name? lol

Day 2 - shady spot along the road near Cocklebiddy, WA to Cedona, SA.

Up at the crack of dawn, we went through two time zones, 45 minutes ahead each time… weird.  I though only Newfoundland did the “partial hour” thing, but Adelaide SA is 1.5 hours ahead of Perth, and it is managed by two 45 minute increments.  Not sure where we make up the next 1.5 hours to Melbourne Victoria?

Coffee at a beautiful plateau of Madura, where the tablelands begin.  Still nice scenery and decent cloudy cool weather, we are so lucky.  Cross over the border to South Australia (ditch all fruits and veggies, sadly), quick lunch since the kids are finally awake at the Nallabor Roadhouse (ummm, pumpkin soup and more meat pies) and by 5 pm (really 1.5 hours earlier with time change) we are happily at the head of the storm, the sunny side, in the seaside town of Cedona, South Australia.  We have crossed the Nullibor in 26 hours (take off hour for tire rotation in Albany), only 24 degrees heat and with the top diesel fuel price of $1.97/l.… not so bad at all.  Next stop?  Well, the Outback perhaps...

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  1. Hi There - hope is all going as great as your stories - they are such a treat to read. Mike out snowplowing we got 11+ inches last night. He will read your blog when he gets back tonight. I hope you are missing the bad weather now - have been watching on the news about all the cyclones and "stuff" in Austraila and we just look at each other when it comes on. Take care - enjoy, we'll want to hear more stories when you get back. Love Mike & Deb