Thursday, February 17, 2011

Three Times a Charm, Queensland

Flight: Virgin Blue (credit) Melbourne to Brisbane, 1:30pm, 2 hours
Accomodation:  Costa Nova vacation condos, Sunshine Beach on the Sunshine Coast, 11 nights
Car:  Avis 7 seater Kia van

I remember why we fell in love with this place some twenty years ago.  The Queensland air is tropical, moist and warm.  There are palm trees and flowers, thick vines and sugar cane.  The breeze is warm, and the water is warm, with surf beaches and squeaky sand, or calm quiet bays for a pleasant dip rather than body surfing.  Brightly colored parrots and other songbirds fill the air with sound.  What a great place to stay for a while.

We flew Thursday afternoon from Melbourne up to Brisbane after relinquishing our home-on-wheels and our life as gypsies.  The flight was 1h50, pleasantly uneventful other than the boy with the harmonica (who gives their kid a harmonica on an airplane????)  Virgin Air won't even give you a glass of water for free, but as air tickets go, they are cheap and on time.  We still have our credit from our Bali-Sydney flight to use, so we need to book at least one or even two more flights with them.... hopefully also short-hauls.  Kids are all lobbying for a side trip for a day in Sydney to see the Opera House and the port, so we may be headed there on our way to Chirstchurch, NZ, in a couple of weeks or so.

Picking up a mini-van at the airport was easy and less money than the pre-booked on the internet.... glad we picked that option.  The two hour drive north out of the city was fun, since Rick appreciated the extra pickup and maneoverability compared to our last 24' caravan - whooo the power.  Zoom Zoom, and Zoom.  Now time to stay put in a little seaside home, with a couple of bedrooms, kitchen, wifi, pool and considerably more than 200 square feet of living space.... we are certainly a close family, but after 35 days we need to stretch out a bit!

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