Sunday, February 6, 2011

Great weekend with great friends

We had a wonderful weekend catching up with Craig and Kirsty, who we have last visited with in Y2K.  Since then they have added two lovely children to their family, and are doing well in the coast city of Warnambool.  We spent the afternoon at Logan's Beach watching the Australian National Kitesurfing Competition, quite entertaining even in the cool wind and weather. 

News Sunday morning showed that our cool day was "good weather" as Melbourne, 4 hours up the Great Ocean Road, experienced record downpours, as a tail of the Cyclone dropped up to 190mm rain in some areas causing flooding of homes and roadways right across the region.  More "inundation" and rescues as children are swept away in the streets.  Truly, we have been dodging clouds.  I hope our cousins in Melbourne are all okay, hopefully also escaping the damages that seem very widespread.

A quick trip to the shopping center let me replace a couple of items in Katie's wardrobe, both due to boredom and damage - red boxer shorts purchased in Thailand seem to have colored many of Katies clothes a horrible shade of off-brown.  I am sure by the end of this trip, we will be throwing out many of all our clothes.

Now there are fires reported in Perth, in the area we visited a couple of times as we passed through on our travels.  High winds, high temps, another "natural disaster zone".... poor prime minister Anna, she has had a very hard month.

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  1. Hi guys dont worry about the polititions here as they are just using the disasters in the country to avoid all the other damage they have done to Australia..

    Good to se you are getting about OK.
    Travel safe.

    David & Janette.