Thursday, February 3, 2011

Clare Publlic Library

A barbeque breakfast of bacon and pancakes (we are becoming pro-griller's), and we were ready for a a 4k hike along the trail into the town.  The old railway line has been developed into a great bicycle and walking path, with shady fruit trees and vineyards along the way.  It was a hot afternoon, so made us think of Penticton and the Kettle Valley Rail... without the lake to cool off in though. 

We found a great store called "Cheap as Chips", a type of Liquidation World with housewares, toys, some food items and "lollies".  Derek and the girls were happy to find brand name Gatorade for cheaper than home, and we picked up some hair clips and a snack or two.  Next stop was the library, a stone heritage building with the best librarian passing out coffee and treats as well as unlimited internet access - with the air conditioning, and refreshments, it was a great place to spend a few hours reviewing the Periodic Table (jr high science) and some new books for Katie (she is reciting her own by rote now rather than reading the actual words on the page).  Travis was very happy to chat with his friends at home for a couple of hours.  Even the kids agree, a library is a wonderful place.

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