Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The seaside suburb of Williamstown is absolutely lovely.  With sandy beaches, cafes and boutique shops, it is still within an easy commute to the heart of downtown Melbourne as well as being a very up-scale place to live.  Our friend Peter has a great spot on a quiet street, so in true "National Lampoon Christmas Vacation" style, we slung an electric cord over his fence and parked right up on the sidewalk.... gotta love those redneck friends from CANADA!

Derek, Jaclyn and Travis hit it off great with Paris, Peter's lovely 14 year old daughter, and Katie loved playing with the border collie, Tess.  Lynda extended an invitation to us to join them for a gourmet meal - wow can that lady cook!  After a few glasses of wine and a lovely meal with Peter's family, we realize again why we love Australia and the people who live here - and hope they will allow us to return the hospitality on their open invitation back to Alberta.

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