Monday, February 14, 2011

Torquay, Surf City

Monday morning, so the Neely's had to return to the routine of school and work - my, our children are getting it so easy these days! Such a shock it will be to everyone's system it will surely be upon our return.  Ocean Grove was quiet, which  allowed us to get some laundry done, do some homework and take a side trip over to the surf area of Bell's Beach and Torquay.  A bit of shopping to replace some well-worn clothing? Outlet stores it is.

The headquarters of Rip Curl, Oakley, Billabong and Roxy are all lined up in Torquay, which calls itself "Surf City".  Many warehouses have clearance stores, so we were able to find a couple items as souvenirs/wardrobe additions.... flip flops for $10 is a great deal here, and after wearing sandals for the last 2 months straight, we have all worn out the gear.

The day was sunny but windy, so a great opportunity to watch the wind surfers jumping off the cliffs and soaring over the beaches below.  The water is rough here, world class surfing is not really happy swimmer territory, as we dont like the idea of rip tides and Great Whites.... let's leave that to the pro's shall we?  Plus, we are pretty sure the water will be way warmer when we hit Queensland in a few days time.  (What a bunch of wusses).

Valentine's was a lovely Mom and Dad night out - the kids prepared their own meal at the caravan park, and Rick and I walked across to Dune's, a seaside restaurant with ocean view and delicious food, not to mention to-die-for desserts.  We have been spending most of every waking minute (as well as sleeping ones) within 5 feet of all four kids, so it was nice to have a blip of adult time.... can anyone not relate to that?

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