Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cream on top of the Cake

Jaclyn turned 13, and to celebrate her big day we booked a trip to the hair salon followed by a shopping trip in Warnambool.  Nothing like a couple new outfits to rejuvenate a very tired wardrobe, and end of season summer sales offered good value in an otherwise expensive country.  Craig also treated us to a trip to his bookstore, which meant a pick of books from the shelves including a Science text for both Jaclyn and Derek, a Guiness World Records 2011 for Trav, and some great Australian picture books for Katie to share with her grade one class once we are home.

After a birthday luncheon, we headed out to the dairylands east of the town, at the invite of Craig's neighbor in time for milking.  He and his brothers have a herd of over 700 cows, with a rotary system and calves on the way.  We were lucky enough with our timing, as Rick noticed a heifer in labor as we arrived, and we got the added pleasure of watching Dad help with the assisted delivery of the new calf.  Same birthday as J!  The kids all got a lesson on the dairy process, marvelled at the complacency of the milk cows, and found exactly where milk comes from... and not just the chocolate kind.  And after spending the afternoon in the c-c-c-cow shed, we hope the cows are making plenty more!

Rick and Craig took Travis off to the golf course for the evening, so JC, Derek and I headed on a side trip to Mickey Dee's for dinner - her pick.  Kirsty made a lovely birthday cake, complete with Fairy Floss on top.  Katie and Niahm play so well together that Jaclyn found a little free time of her own.  After a rousing game of cricket followed by several sets of netball 21, we settled into a new, good book.  Great day to turn 13!

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  1. Happy Birthday Jaclyn - what a beautiful way to turn 13. Mike is so excited to read about all your family travels. Have a wonderful time. Love to you all. Mike & Deb