Friday, February 18, 2011

Squeeky Beaches

Yes, the beaches in Noosa still squeak when you walk.  Gotta love that; and they are also so hot and white you need shoes, sunblock, and really, a good umbrella.  Even after all our time in Thailand, Coral Bay, Busselton and around the beaches near Melbourne, we are still getting a burn in the hot Queensland sun if not lathered right up and out of the sun in mid-day.  It's that hot.

The best place to eat for our crew on this trip is certainly the Surf Clubs.  They are great pub atmosphere, beachside with a verandah, always friendly, good simple (and sometimes gourmet!) menu, tv's with the sports on, often live music for happy hour and even Sunday brunch.  We have met many nice families and couples on holidays, as well as locals that will sit to hear our tale of life on the road.  Our accents still give us away as North Americans, with most people guessing Canada first.  Many have stories of their trip to Canada, and know exactly where we live, and all compliment us on the great Winter Olympics in Whistler, and tell us of dreams to return to the Great White North.  Though when we share the photos we have of the snow right now, most opt for a summer trip instead!

The beaches are patrolled by the members of the Surf Clubs, both from towers and on ground, as well as in the water on surf boards and boats.  Even the helicopters fly by a few times a day checking the water for rip currents, and I suspect anything with sharp teeth.  They encourage swimmers to stay between the flags (which we happily do!) and shout out advise on side currents, the rip and any incoming storms.... a great system of volunteers that is very impressive.  We have seen the young kids participate in their trainings, the teens helping each other with new surf rescue techniques as well as challenge other clubs in competition, the adults organizing the beach quads and equipment and the grandparents patrolling under the shade of umbrellas or large hats.  A big family and community, working together, for the serious business of safe play.

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