Saturday, November 20, 2010

AHHH Machupicchu....

Staying up at the tourist village of Aguas Calientes, the end of the train line and only access to Machupicchu, one of the New Wonders of the World.  And a wonder it is.  After a 30 minute switchback narrow road up an incredibly steep mountain side (I had to close my eyes much of the time as Peru is not really a good place for people who are afraid of heights!) we arrived to a misty city high in the clouds, build in the 1400´s and hidden until 90 or so years ago.  This archeological find made famous by a Yale professor truly unveils the unbelievable dynasty of the Inca empire.  It is awesome.

Yesterday was a difficult health day for at least half of our group of 8.  Travis has been suffering with a head and chest cold, complicated by altitude sickess from a couple of days at 12,000 feet above sea level.  Derek and JC have been eating Advil to ward off headaches, Rick has had a racing pulse (high blood pressure and high altitude are not a great combo, especially with the high test coffee they serve here.  I think I went down to a bad guacamole... anyway we rested well after the train ride down to this area, and woke this morning ready to brave the trek.  Katie is the healthiest of the bunch and she is literally running up the hills and having to wait for us all.  But once we hit the height of the city, we honestly could feel the power of that place.  I know that sounds hokey, but truly Machupicchu is mystical.

I forgot to mention that Jaclyn did her Irish jig at the top of Machu Picchu - a treble reel she made up herself, to quite a crowd and recorded by her brother,Travis.  After we rounded the terrace to descend to the main ruin area, a 20-something girl stopped her and asked if it was she dancing up above?  Being from Ireland, she herself had danced as a youngster, and wondered if Jaclyn would join her in a reel?  So then the two of them danced together at Machu Picchu, united in both the wonder of the view and the joy of the dance.... it was positively great!  U-tube to follow!

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  1. Hopefully you are all feeling better this AM. We will wait for pictures of Machupicchu - which I can only imagine will be amazing.
    Stay healthy and safe........
    Love you all, Mom