Saturday, November 27, 2010

Punta Hermosa y Playa

A day at the beach in order for this crew, so Thursday we hired our sweet Rosita (Nascar road racer extraordinaire) to command her minivan 45 minutes south of the city to the summer resort of Hermosa.  It is late Spring in Peru in November, so few locals venture to brave the chilly waters, but to these Canucks it is plenty warm for a dip in the ocean.  The sky cleared by 11 am, and under a warm Southern sky we played in the waves and sand and surf.
Lunch was seafood, freshly caught in the quiet bay we overlooked during our meal, and cold cervasa and Inca cola for the ninos, along with slow-roasted corn and fresh avocado.  Katie is getting her fill of calamari, soft and tasty.  You can't beat a seaside dinner, watching the surfers from the point restaurant - a million dollar view anywhere, here in Peru.

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