Monday, November 15, 2010

Amazing Day in Lima

Okay, I won't be writing every day, let alone twice, but today was really amazing and I wanted to write it down so I wont forget.  After a short walk up our street this am, Rick was hesitant to venture forth with a sleepy Katie in tow, so we decided instead to arrange for a driver and English speaking guide to share the highlights of Lima today.  Enter Fabrizio, a wonderful dentistry student who has spent many months in Chicago, Boston and NYC hanging with friends and learning perfectly fluent English who also has an amazing grasp of his home country's culture and history as well as what kind of things most interests teenage boys and the girls too.
We were met at our (did I mention this before?) super-clean and SAFE B&B with a van (without dents! rare indeed it seems) and navigated our way to the central square.  We witnessed the changing of the Peruvian Guard (very British-style ceremony, plus policia in riot gear), and next to the Monestary and into the depths of the catacombs - kids LOVED that part.  On to a tiny street cafe for our first taste of Cerveza and Inca Cola - pop that tastes like bubble gum.  Katie had to pee, of course, and I could go on about that, but Fabrizio summed it up:  "dont expect the Radisson".  Baahhaaaa.
Then to a Inquistor museum (think Spanish inquisition and wax museum torture chamber), where a school group of young teenage Peruvians seemed much more interested in the attraction of two Canadian boys vs the exhibits.... Jaclyn was annoyed they kept taking OUR picture.....
The architecture was influenced by Spain, yes, but also France and Italy, and was opulent, then around the block was the antithesis of shanty-style markets., really an amazing contrast.
Later for lunch, we went to a local family restaurant, complete with indoor playground and ball-pit (like Ikea used to do), that served our first pisco sours (yummm, dangerous!) and lunch for meat-a-tarians.... oooh, what is this on the bottom of the pile on this grill of steak, pork, sausage, chicken, and what? yeah, heart, bowel and some chicken "from the area where the egg comes from"  - really?  yeah.
Spanish is not coming that easily, and I find myself wishing I had a better command of the language.  After Derek and I blew the power not once but twice due to a faulty serge protector (they were gracious, it was only the whole building, not the entire block...) I wished I could apologize more fluently.
Now after another dinner of "safer" chicken nuggets and fries, we await the arrival of my parents - and tomorrow we continue our journey out of the city and on to more adventure!


  1. I can almost picture it!! What about the smells?

  2. Sounds like you are experiencing Lima to the fullest - including chicken entrails?? WHAT? Bet that turned Rick right on!

  3. Wow and Rick has trouble with canned salmon bones !!! Love your blog & look fwd to the next episode.. Much Love Auntie Donna & Uncle Jack xxoo

  4. Love the blog Lisa - you are such a good writer I think you could create a book afterwards for parents wanting to experience the same adventure with their family. Aaron fondly remembers the Pisco sours in Chile!! Wish you could meet Walter and his family at the Marriott - they are so wonderful!! Hanging on to read the rest of your amazing adventure. Thank you so much for allowing us to live vicariously through the spirited and brave Anderson Clan! We love you all so much!! xoxo