Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First Stop, The Edge of Canada - Vancouver

This morning, with backpacks stuffed and excitement high, we boarded our first of many airplanes and made the trip across the Rockies to the Pacific Ocean, where we will each "dunk a toe (brrr,)" for posterity sake alone.  Jaclyn is dancing in the Western Canadian Champion regional qualifier for Irish dance on Friday.  We simply couldn't miss that after all the hours and hours of practice she has already invested.  Good luck to her - we are very proud of her accomplishments to compete at this level - she amazes us both.  Pictures  to follow.

Rick and the boys continued from the airport to the ferry to cross to Vancouver Island to visit Uncle Jack and Auntie Donna at Alberni for a couple of nights.  Today was bright and sunny and warm - gotta love that for the Canadian West coast in November.... hopefully it will hold until the weekend. The girls were able to do a "polar bear swim" in the outdoor hotel pool this afternoon, yes it was really that warm!  Well, we are Canadian!


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  1. Good Luck JC. I know that you will dance beautifully! (as you always do). We will wait to hear the results of the competition. And I know that Donna & Jack will be glad to see Rick and the boys before you head out because you hold a special place in their hearts!
    Hugs to all, Mom XOXO