Saturday, November 27, 2010

Same day, more adventure

Following seaside lunch, the second part of our day was even more an adrenaline rush.  A half hour south, we passed through Ica to the natural sand dune formations, towering mountains of sand of Huan.... (sp?) and a desert Oasis below.  On board our 9-person "buggy" (say " boo-gey" for true effect), we climbed up and over and around the hills and valleys at warp-speed - YAHHOOO! Great fun.  Atop the first "small" hill, we took out the sand boards, and had a go at sliding to the bottom... Katie loved it, and Derek tried it snow-board style, zip zip down the 70 degree slope to the bottom, and back up again (harder to climb sand than snow).
Back in the buggy, off and over to the next slope, this one higher and steeper than the first, everyone down again, until a slight mishap and I took my board in the head.... Jack and Jill went up the hill, Jill fell down and , well, the rest involved a quick trip back into Ica to the nearest clinic where Fabrizio, aghast at the price of stitches, shooed us back to the parking lot and with all the medical instruments and supplies in hand was able to fix me right up there in the street.... CLASSIC!  A parading funeral procession went by, with horns and cars and tuk-tuk taxis, and school kids, and yes, us in the minivan-cum-surgical unit, fixed again and heading back to the dunes to finish the second half of the ride.  Unfortunately, we were too long and lost our buggy,  so had to settle for a boat-ride in the oasis and then lunch at Katie's favorite, Rorky's, for bbq chicken and a climb in the play-place ball-pit (for her, anyway).  Only a slight headache, no concussion thankfully, and a long trip back into Lima to wash off all that sand.... honestly, what a fun day, but I think I prefer tobogganing (cold, yes, but snow melts)

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