Friday, November 5, 2010

Getting Ready and Set to GO!

Well, we leave on Wednesday - YIKES!  Trying desperately to get everything arranged, packed, purchase the few things we might still need, plan the business stuff while we are away, arrange for the house and vehicles, and of course see everyone for a visit before we are gone for 5 months.

The kids' teachers were also on that list - wow, their schools have been incredible and super-accommodating with our "winter avoidance" journey.  We leave at Fall Break, and are home just after Spring Break.... as little snow as possible this year!  Their assignment for the missed classes is a little bit of math and science, and then blog away for social and English.... their links are under the blogs I'm following if you'd like another viewpoint of these adventures..... I'm sure that will be worth a laugh by itself!

So this is the story of a family of six, with plans to visit five continents in five months...or at least have a small taste of each.  This will not be a five star trip, as we have warned our tribe, but they no doubt do not understand yet.  To travel for this long, there is a strict budget involved, not only because that is what is affordable, but also so that they get a true understanding of the places we are going.  We plan to experience the culture, not just as a tourist on "any beach, any where", but meeting other families and learning about the places and history and nature of it all.  By discovering others, we will discover our selves!

So we invite you to follow along - this is my journal, for two purposes.  One is self - I want to remember each place and our impressions as they occur, so that one experience is not overshadowed by the next (and in my aging, I seem to be remembering less lately!).  The second is to share.  Family and friends, here are the tales of the Anderson"s - Lisa and Rick (40'ish) and our children, Travis (16), Derek (14), Jaclyn (12) and Katie (6), a farm family from small-town Alberta, Canada, who is taking this opportunity to share the world with our kids, before the are all grown and gone.... which indeed is happening too soon!

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