Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A day around Barranco

Today was quieter after the excitement of new discovery and the down of the Inca Cola - way too much caffeine for Katie, must find something else for her to drink!  Dad and Betty flew in late last night, and we made arrangements to plan our itinerary for the next 12 days together.  A trip to the Banco (unfortunately long line-ups, we will never again complain of this in Canada again) then a delightful lunch in the central square of our little suburb, Barranco.  Our neighborhood is a seaside village, rather high-end with cobblestone streets and cafes and sea views from the tops of cliffs overlooking the crashing surf below.  A gorgeous day today (I sunburned my arms and nose) and a great day to dine on incredible ceviche that we had to photograph it was so pretty!  Pictures as soon as I can figure out how to load them on this page!  We had to pick up a sweet sweater with llamas for Katie, and a Peruvian touque for Derek, so they will fit right in, as tomorrow we leave bright and early for a flight high into the Andes to discover the Sacred Valley and the Lost City of Gold!!!


  1. Sounds fantastic. You guys are sooo lucky. Please keep the fabulous commentary going. We are loving it. XX

  2. All sounds wonderful!
    take good care......
    Love you, Mom