Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Grand Adventure Begins

What a successful trip to Vancouver, for the Oirechtas mostly - Jaclyn did AMAZING!  She recalled, and then qualified for the North American Irish Dance Championsips, which will be in July.  So glad we delayed the few extra days in Canada so that she might compete in this worth it!  We will be practicing our dance every day so no steps are forgotten, the dance shoes made it into the backpack too.
And of course, after a few days of spoiling ourselves at a fancy hotel (Westin's Heavenly Beds are to die for....) we start the true journey to South America via LAX. 
We checked our bags straight through, and have carry-ons with a swimsuit and change of clothes - Katie LOVES the ladybug, Deb! - and are excited to be meeting up with my Dad and Betty in Lima on Monday.  We have pre-booked the shuttle to our first B&B in Miraflores, a seaside district of Peru's capital city that looks like a perfect place to start our journey.  Macchu Picchu is a balmy 20 degrees celcius today... perfect for a big hike!  Here we go....

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