Sunday, November 21, 2010

Back to the Cusi Wasi

The magic that is Machu Picchu is still setting in, and we are glad we have made the journey but it is now hard not to find the next week a little anti-climatic.  We have had wonderful weather - the guidebooks all said November is spring, and the temp would range from 8 to 18 degrees, but we have had over 25 with a strong sun shining down.  The evenings cool off, but just to make sleeping comfortable.  Amazingly, no rain even at the sites where we were warned it rains most afternoons and evenings.  We have met several people who have braved the 4 day hike, and now Derek has the bug to return and complete the same feat.  With the amount of climbing involved in simply visiting the sites, let alone hiking to get to them, we are glad we are taking the "easy" path with the bus/van/train combos.  We have also met a number of people who have injured themselves (not surprising) or are suffering quite hard from high altitude, to the point of doctors and one being medi-vac'd back to is serious stuff.  Jaclyn is now ill, but most likely with a version of the bug Travis brought from home.  She has the added complication of upset stomach, but is now sleeping so we are praying it doesnt worsen.  Rest is the order of the day, rest and gatorade.
We are back at the same hotel in Cuzco, a friendly hostal with 20 or so rooms, though so far we have been the only guests.  Our 6 are going to stay until Jaclyn is well again before we continue anywhere, but Dad and Betty are going to continue up to Lake Titicaca (altitude 4300m).  We will have to see if we have time once we are all back to feeling fine... travelling with kids means alternate routes!

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