Monday, November 15, 2010

Waking up in Lima

Before I opened my eyes, I could hear horns blaring, engines revving and the clinking of morning dishes.  We have lucked out at a gem of a bed and breakfast in the suburb of Barranco, on the Peruvian coast neighboring the more expensive Miraflores.  The hotel is new, with wooden floors so spotless you might eat off of them, sparkling showers with 24-hour hot water - apparently rare in this part of the world.  If all the hostals are like this, we have no worries at all.
Breakfast was cooked to request eggs and toast, strong coffee and fresh squeezed juice.   Yum.
Impressions when we arrived, well, they treat families here with special preference.  Katie had special meals on the plane (grilled cheeze!) and then they fast-tracked us through customs in the crew only line.  We were met by our driver at the airport - what a sight to have around 300 drivers waving placards with names, and us searching for the one with Rick on it.... Derek got a great photo.  Our van weaved through the dark streets at 1am, surprisingly busy for the middle of the night, and we got our first glimpse of South America, with low flat-roofed row houses - laundry flapping on the roof!, dogs running across the roads, and flashing reds at intersections that seem to mean "slow down slightly here".
Today we are off to explore!


  1. Wish there had been room for a stow away, but you have a great way of bringing us along with you.
    We are following you every day and enjoying the sights and sounds with you ~~~ Much Love & Big Hugs Auntie Donna & Uncle Jack xxoo

  2. If you keep writing like this, Lisa, you can publish a book later! Love reading your blog! Hi to all of you!