Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happily Back at Sea Level

After a trip to downtown Cusco and the Star Peru airline offices, we were able to change flights and return to the metropolis of Lima, and our ocean-view abode.  Whew.   Everyone is feeling well again, after a 15 hour-or-so night of rest (insomnia is cured) and appetites have returned.  Rick is creditting his Viking roots for his preference of the sea.  And the rest of our trek will most certainly be not far from a beach... Amen.

Today we saw another side of Peru.  Off to upscale Miraflores and the JW Marriott, the fanciest hotel in Lima, and casino, Vegas-style.  My brother Aaron and his wife Tania have a connection there for us, a family they know who have moved from Grand Cayman.  We left a message and hope to meet them before we leave.  Then we were greeted by a screaming crowd of teenage girls waiting for the rock band "Tokio" something.. (anyone heard of them? a German boy-band with MTV awards?) Apparently, they are holding a concert here tonight. Across from the hotel is an up-scale mall built into the side of the ocean-side cliff, complete with bowling alleys, chain restaurants (Tony Roma's, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts...) and a cineplex, so yes! Kids got to see Harry Potter in English with Spanish subtitles...  ex-large popcorn and pop, plus movie for 18 soles (6 bucks) each - Derek got his pop for free (!).  And the theater was empty (the 6 of us, plus 4 other people) for the matinee show.  Perfecto! 

After an American meal and a show, it was easy to forget where we were, until we emerged and were approached by 2 young moms holding infants, begging for money to feed their children.  Along the street there are old, banged up cars mixed in with Porches and BMW's, and mini-busses crammed with 60 or so people inside.  There are shiny, glass buildings next to piles of rubble and rebar.  And noise:  constant honking as impatient drivers switch from lane to lane to lane, and then up on the sidewalk!  Driving here is truly crazy, even with police whistling on every corner and pedestrians dodging between cars.  Dogs running everywhere, some on leash but most without.  And EVERYONE, young, old, rich, not-so-rich, tourist, local, even the lady in traditional Inca dress, talking and texting on a cell.  Definately:  Loco.


  1. Glad, you are all feeling better!! You have never heard of "Tokio Hotel"? And here I thought you were so up to date (hahahaha)!
    Love reading your blog! All is well at your house(just talked to Chris) and the temperatures are starting to be bearable again, it was -35 this picked the perfect time to leave the country! I am envious! Enjoy the rest of your time in Peru!

  2. Glad to hear that you are all feeling better now and that you found a way to upload some of your pictures. Love them (and the people in them)
    Winter time here too ~~~ minus 12 is cold for Port Alberni, but the weatherman says we will be back to rain tomorrow.
    Nice & cozy in the house as uncle Jack has the "big boy" (stove) pumping out the BTUs.
    Take care
    Love to all Uncle Jack & Auntie Donna xxoo

  3. Hi all: Pleased to hear that you are back in Lima - and enjoying being at sea level again. The altitude must have been rather hard to bear. The pics of Machu Picchu were awesome! Now we'd like to see some of the seaside!
    It is +3 today, wind is coming up so who knows what it will bring. Sounds like it will be a good weekend for the Grey Cup (weather-wise) and the festivities are already underway.
    Love you, take good care,
    Ciao ....Mom XOXO