Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All Greek to Us

Waking this morning on the ferry as we cruised between Crete and athe Greek mainland, then into port in Patras was beautiful.  The sky was covered and the sea calm, then the sun peaked through to shine on the mountains on the shore in the distance - truly inspirational view.  Last night aboard ship, Rick managed to find his way to the casino and hooked up with a few fine folk from Michigan with a tour group through Italy and Greece.  Seems we were following basically the same path, and were both disappointed in not being able to climb into the crater at Vesuvius due to icy road conditions.... not driving on ice? Heck, Canadians would be stuck at home half the year if we didnt!! Anyway, great people and cold Heinekin meant a re-think on travel plans this am, as we had intended to rent our own car and find our way up to Olympia ourselves.... but, well, ever tried to read a Greek road sign?
So, enter two Greek cabbies and a two hour coastal tour of the Greek area of Peleponesia, a olive-tree and oranges drive through small towns and up to the site of the original Olumpic games, held to honor Zeus around 2500 years ago...  Another great penzione (we are really lucking out on accomodations so far this trip), perched on the mountaintop, and here I type while listening to greek music sent from the valley below, as greek farmers are raking olives off their trees onto tarps (much the same way Derek and Travis picked cherries in Penticton a couple summers ago!)
And again, the food, ahhh.  Our family owned inn is also a taverna with the best Greek meatballs and feta salad, tomoatoes picked from their own gardens.. This is a sleepy little village of Pissa, 3k above Olympia, where we shall visit the museum and center tomorrow. After a very restful sleep!

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