Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A day at Phi Phi

Boxing Day, and we arranged a private charter speedboat to Kho Phi Phi islands. ( go pee pee, Katie laughs)  Our Swedish friends that we met the first day on the beach,  four parents, four teens, plus our German friends from the hotel, Claus and Corolla, joined us to make 17, so for 18000 baht ( like 30 bucks each) away we go!
The boat left from Phuket town, and first stop was a coral atoll for snorkling, but the jellyfish were as big as Rick so none of us felt like swimming with them (apparently harmless, but we werent taking any chances, thanks).  Next stop, another atolll with mobs of tour boats, all of them feeding the fish bread, so yes, hungry tame fish that bite.  Nibble, nibble, ha ha, but one particularily hungry fish took a large bite of Travis' ankle and drew blood.  not so funny.  They seemed more attracted to hairy legs.... of more amusement than the fish were the Japanese non-swimmers who were screaming at the top of their lungs while being swarmed, bread bags in hand.  click, click, click.
The Phi Phi islands themselves are limstone, so very beautiful columns of green rising from the green of the sea - and our day was clear and bright, so very pleasant.  Once we were away from the other tour groups we could enjoy the little coves and bays for some time in the water with the fish.  We stopped next at Monkey beach and were at first disappointed to find it deserted.  But as we were returning up the shore along came a monkey parade - adult male in the lead, next the crew, about 30 feet apart and following the same path as the leader, 25 monkeys big and small and not too concerned about our presence.  Rick moved himself closer into their path, and the male gave him a slight pause then stepped right on his foot to get by, and continued on the way.  Once they all passed, Travis and Katie went with Emilie, Victor and Mats down to the place the monkeys had stopped and watched as they were fed by another group of tourists - Katie watched a baby take a banana from one girl and peel it then munch it up.  So cool.  We stayed a little longer then headed back to our boat for our lunch on the main island at a restaurant.
One more stop at Maya Beach, great snorkling stop but we were already getting tired, and I think all of us fell asleep on the boat ride home.... about 45 minutes back to Phuket.  It would be nice to stay longer at Phi Phi, and we will see about an overnight trip in the new year, once all the Christmas rush slows down.  Those monkeys deserve another visit.

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