Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sour grapes?

Today started off an hour late.  I thought I was up early, with time to spare, but when we woke Derek, he grumpily corrected my error - I did not change my clock from Italy time to Greek time... so an hour late.  UGH.  Rick had made arrangements with a private car company to drive us to Athens in time for site seeing, but the day just did not unfold as planned.  Understatement of the year. (Never dull with the Andersons?)
So, after a hurried breakfast and Caio! to our lovely Greek refuge...highly recommended! we drove not 3 minutes down the road into a roadblock.  Police in wait, and two taxis coming up behind us.  What? 
Yeah.   So, the local cab company,who had given us the great tour only yesterday into the port city after Olympia, were upset we did not give them theransom fare that they had quoted to take us to Athens.  They suspected they were being "undercut" by the van rental company (from the same small town) and had voiced their complaint to the policzia.... off to the cop shop we all go.
Seriously.  After the translator, and the lawyers, and more cabbies, and the father of our driver/car hire company owner, and the police chief all showed up, and we waited for the correct "papers" we were finally able to start our 4 hour journey to Athens. Three hour delay - crap.  So much for seeing anything but the dark.
Okay, that covers hospital, fire dept, and police so far on this trip, and we would like to think that will be it for emergency situations.  We have the tri-factor, and feel complete.  Please, all good from this point forward right?
So, Christos got us safely to the capital of Greece, population 4 mil.  We did the quick must-do Acropolis and museum, ate the donairs and greek salad, and now off to Cairo in the am..... how to get to the airport? I really don't want to take another cab.

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  1. Sounds like a movie script ;-) Wishing you all an adventurous trip to Egypt! I love reading your blog, keep it coming.
    PS You are only missing two days of snowfall with more in the forecast....Chris is shoveling ;-)