Monday, December 20, 2010

Seaside at the Golden Sand inn

Our family room in Karon Beach is wonderful - clean and quiet, a view of the ocean from our room, and tucked in a neighborhood of restaurants and shops and everything we might need for an extended stay... we are very pleased.  Beer is less than a buck, ice cream 80 cents, and an excellent meal for about $3.50 Canadian.  It is Christmas season, so busy time, but still not crowded, just many other families particularly from Northern Europe happily escaping winter snow.  A very friendly, welcome place.
Travis and I started our PADI scuba course this morning, and are enrolled for the pool and dive site classes over the next three days.  That was the main thing he wanted to achieve on our trip, and I am going to be his "buddy".  Derek and JC are joining us on the third day as resort divers to try it out (Derek is not certain he will like scuba) and Jaclyn is a little young.  Katie and Rick will be able to snorkle at the same location (and Janice too, scuba or snorkle, we will ask when she arrives)
Yes, we are getting company, and very happy to see family for Christmas.  Rick's sister Janice is coming to Thailand tomorrow night to spend 10 days with us in this little piece of heaven.  Also arriving is my mom's sister Donna and all of her family and extended family (I think there are 23 of them in total!)  They are staying at the sister property to here, and from what I understand have different flights/timeframes/etc, but we are all getting together on Dec 30 to do one activity together... 30 of us in all!  Wow, what a clan that will be!
So, good internet here, and we will be able to post more regularly... though the odd beer clouds might get in the way.... lol

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