Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Date with King Tut

We arrived in Cairo Egypt, population 22 million, and settled in our Bedouin abode, very central to the Egyptian Museum and a fully cultural experience.  From here we were able to plan our eight day adventure hitting all the highlights from here to Jordan, traveling overland with a private guide.  Our first step was to find a quick bite to eat - donair with meat cooked on a spit, very tasty - and head to check out King Tut.  Just crossing the road to get there was like a giant game of Frogger, honestly, one lane at a time and lookout! everything in traffic from a cement truck to a donkey cart, all full steam ahead.
The Museum was certainly the best yet.  The Tutenkhamen exhibit is home to all the treasures found in the Valley of the Kings, preserved underground (and undisturbed by centuries of grave robbers) and completely amazing.... gold masks, statues, the scargophagas, even his chariots and a boat.... wow.  Also in the museum: ancient tablets and pillars, pottery from 7000 BC, jewelry, and Katie's favorite, real mummies of Royal descent.  Absolutely fascinating, and truly the climax of our study of Ancient History.  Truly, there were so many items that it was overwhelming, and apparently it is still only a fraction of the artifacts that they have found.   A new museum is under construction, set to be the Worlds Largest, and not due to be complete for another 8 years.... perhaps on another visit?
For dinner, we enjoyed a special night out on a Nile River Cruise, with buffet and belly dancing, and a special "twirl dancer" -  I don't know how else to describe this male dancer.... he spun in circles (maybe 500 times?) to music, while spinning a special quilted skirt out like a top, only to lift it into pieces like 2 tops spinning at once.  While spinning, he was able to converse, and then did a trick holding a tray, pouring himself a glass of water, it was truly terrific, and like nothing we've ever seen.  The belly dancer joined us for a second show, and chose Derek to be her special assistant, encouraging him to spin the baton, then balance it on his chest (like she could...with her rather ample bosom)... she stuffed his shirt with napkins to help him out, to the enjoyment of the crowd.  He was a very good sport about it, and hammed it up well, which earned him a great photo op...)   Certainly a highlight of his trip.


  1. Can only imagine it all through lessons at school, but can hardly wait to see all your wonderful photos. I hope to see Derek's belly dancing on his face book :-)
    Big Hugs Uncle jack & Auntie Donna xxoo

  2. Travis has posted a ton of our photos on facebook, please take a look there.... it is a little more controlled and therefore safer for us to keep pictures limited on this site.... at least until after we are home! sorry for the inconvience, but i hope you all understand.