Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Long drive to Luxor

Waking in the desert was a pure delight.  The sky was pink, reflecting off the sand and the formations, with the star shining so bright in the East, you couldn't help but feel a link to the biblical story of 2000 years ago.... We enjoyed a cup of desert coffee, then broke camp for a journey through the southern oasis region normally closed to tourists, by special permission of our Bedouin hosts.  Unfortunately, this meant a stop every 20 minutes or so (and sometimes for up to half an hour!) to confirm our papers and ensure our safety.   At one point we had a police escort join us in our vehicle,  and at times a car helping us along our way.  It was a slow affair, and our 5 hour journey extended to over 12 hours before we spotted the lights in Luxor, the ancient city of Thebes. 
Our drivers Mohummed and his brother Momut were wonderful and patient, but we were all weary after the long trek, and we had no choice but to rethink our travel plans for the next couple of days.  Rather than the single night in Luxor, followed by another such drive (but twice the distance) we pulled the "fly" trigger to Amman.  Our guide, Thimo was incredible and understanding, and was able to re-work our itinerary for both our last days in Egypt as well as Jordan, and we truly appreciate his help.   The differences in language and culture make Egypt a magical place, and one that is best with a good navigator.  To you, our friend, a huge Shukran!

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