Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beach Days

The Beach is right across the street from our hotel, and a nice beach bar attendant reserves our chairs and umbrellas for us each morning. Sometimes the ocean is calm, but we have also seen it red flagged and with a fun surf for boogie boards.  Beer and french fries, as well as ice cream and even wonton soup arrive at a whim, and you could shop for dresses, singing frogs, folding fans, wisk brooms, jewelry and tablecloths while you sunbathe.  All at bargain prices.
Most of the tourists are European - many from Sweden, Germany, some Russians, Japanese, Singapore, some from Kenya, England, Hong Kong, Australia, NZ and elsewhere. Few North Americans.  Many families, but it is Christmas holidays so that is to be expected this time of year.  The Thai people are very friendly and helpful, quiet spoken for the most part, and lots of smiles.  I dont know what to say about the men hooking up with the Thai girls, as I just dont really get that.  But it is obvious, and seems to be accepted here, even by the other tourists.  I try not to be totally revolted, but that is my true reaction.  Those poor girls.
Janice only has until the 28th, a short trip for such long flights.  We are extremely glad she joined us, as it was wonderful to see family and made our Christmas special to have some items from home, as well as a chance for all of us to get "grounded", like home coming to us!
We managed to go for pedicures and leg massage (for some reason, leg swelling seems really common here - humidity, long flights, heat, not sure why?) but boy that felt good.  For all three of us girls we spent 950 baht ($35) for nails and massages lasting 1.5 hrs.... very nice. The boys had Thai massage, which was rather humerous as they explained the pretzel formations and finger snapping it included.  The advertised "happy ending" was passed upon.  Only in Thailand.....

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