Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Definately returning to Barcelona in the summer!

Wow what an incredible beautiful city, founded in 15 BC by the Romans, and huge in history.  Home to two native languages, Spanish and Castille.... Catherine of Aragon lived here, and Christopher Columbus sailed from here to discover the New World.  Modern impact of Gaudi makes for incredible architecure.... the church he built is unbelieveable.... deocrated in the usual gothic mystical figures, and fruit? beyond bizarre..... colorful, huge steeples, really amazing ideas, all designed at the turn of the last century 19 to 1926, when dear Mistro Gaudi got hit by a train, of all ways to go..... The city tour on the double dekker bus was well worth the money, esp the olympic stadium and the soccer 100,000 stadium and the views from the Mont by the olympic flame....
We stayed in a 500 year old hotel right on the Romblas, THE happening place to be in Barcelona.  All kinds of street performers, and market stalls and amazing shopping '5 story H & M store!  Great restauants and street cafes, open even in the chilly 10 degree air.  Awsome energy in this city, and we definately want to return here for a longer block of time when we can enjoy the beaches and museums.  Great pizza and seafood, and tiny wine bars too.
Now boarding a cruise ship ferry to sail across the Mediterranean sea to Roma, right past Sardania and Sicily to arrive in Civitaviccia, just like the Romans of Troy... All Aboard!

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