Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Onward to Jordan

Truthfully, we are getting a little travel weary.  We have been moving at a very fast pace for the last month.  Early mornings, long drives, information "overload" and cultural/food/language differences are starting to take a toll, so we decided to do a quick pause.  This morning an early flight to Cairo (we were up at 3:30am), with connector to Amman, capital city of Jordan, got us to a sweet swimming pool and soft cushy bed before our last three days in the Middle East.  Air Miles are awesome.
Jordan is very different from Egypt - their dollar is stronger than the Euro.  The tour here was arranged by our friend Thimo in Cairo, and promises to be great.... so rested again, we will be off first thing tomorrow!  Stay tuned for the next three days in our Amazing Race!

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