Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Thai Style

Katie was pretty concerned that Santa would not find us here in Thailand, so we went to extra efforts to alert him.  We released paper laterns on the beach on Christmas eve, and each made a wish as the latern lifted high into the Thai sky.  The firecrackers were an extra boom.
To celebrate Christmas morning, we exhanged names and asssigned a 1000 baht limit (it is quite amazing how much we can by for $30 in the markets).  Santa brought Katie a stocking with some candycanes and chocolates (kinder!) from home, and Tim hortons hot chocolate too! Thanks Auntie Janice!  After our breakfast at the hotel, we hired a private tour and headed to the agriculture area south of here, to the elephant farm.  And for Christmas day, we played with the baby elephant and then the kids went for elephant rides.  Very sweet.  The baby could do tricks, kissing your arm and saying hello, as well as thank you bow when we fed him some pineapple, his favorite treat.
The rest of the tour saw us up to the Big Buddha, over to the elephant temple and down to the Rai lei beach area for lunch. We also visited the pier in Phuket town to arrange for a PhiPhi island tour the next day - and then back to Caron Beach.
We changed for dinner then headed to the little street behind our hotel, via the market shortcut.  The Calypso Bar was rocking, with Donna and Mark (my aunt) and my cousins in the front row, pina coladas flowing.  The bar has a great singer with 80's,90's rock and Swedish favorites (Livin next door to Alice - Alice? Who the #$%@ is Alice?)  We rocked along with our Swedish friends and Alberta/Ontario family til the wee hours ... it wasnt til the next day that Derek reminded us we never did have Christmas

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