Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Break - Diving the Deep Blue Sea

I truly thought it would be easier to write every day, since we are settled in one place and have had time to catch up and breathe here in Thailand.  But the reverse is true. We are much more relaxed, and we have shifted frm traveller to vacation mode. Hveing Janice here for the past week has been wonderful, and I didn't want to miss any visiting time by curling up over my keyboard, so I apologize, I have been very lax in our posts.
What has happened in Phuket?  Well, Travis and I completed our diving course with 2 shore dives to 30 feet and 2 boat dives to 40 feet.  He got 100% on his exam, I am so proud of him.  And he took to the underworld like a pro, too, even managing to astonish our instructor when he lost his weight belt and did exactly the right things rather than shooting dangerously up to the surface in panic.  He is a natural diver, and I can see it as a life-long hobby, career opportunity for certain!  The final boat dives were extra-special as our instructors at Phuket Pro-Dive allowed us to invite the rest of our family along on the trip, and we enjoyed the boat ride to Raya Island and lunch together, and they were able to snorkle while Travis and I were beneath them.  A great day on the ocean.
On the way boat-trip back to Phuket, Derek and I met some other travellers, a mom and her 14 year old son (Job) from London, enjoying Christmas break in Thailand. Job plays rugby and football, and seems a very outgoing friendly young man - athletic and charming, and a new "facebook" friend for Derek.  The whole world is linked to Mark Zuckerburg now..... he, by the way, is also in Thailand right now.

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