Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This morning we had a wonderful fresh-baked breakfast, and then a quick taxi down the hilly path into Ancient Olympia, the archeological site of the ancient Greek games,circa 750 BC to 430 AD give or take....  The artifacts in the museum dated much earlier.  There was pottery and bronze dating to 4000 BC, proving this the home to peoples for at least the last 6000 years or more.  Wow.  The site of the museum has been under re-construction since the late 1800's, mostly by German scientists and funding.  Considering the historical value of the site, it is amazing that it is not more fully excavated, but obviously there is motive in having it remain looking "ancient"....  The Olympic flame starts from this very place every two years (winter and summer games) and it is well touristed in the summer, but we had it virtually to ourselves today as it is off-season.  That in itself was a treat.  The kids enjoyed challenging Dad to a hundred yard dash on the original stadium ground, which Rick thought he should try in true Greek fashion, naked and covered in olive oil.... Jaclyn veto'ed him on that part.
Lunch was a side trip to the port of Nakikikikiiii what?....( my Greek is truly aweful) where the cruiseships dock.  We have made a pledge to return to this part of the world in the summer months (sans enfants!) at some point soon... Greece is truly beautiful.

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  1. Your blog is so much fun to read - I can't imagine how much fun you all are having. I especially liked the part about Rick and the boys getting rescued by the firemen. That must have been a hoot after you determined they were OK. Enjoy.. - Deb