Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bali Safari, Two Continents in one

Flight:  Thai Airways, Phuket to Bali, 3 hours
Accomodation:  Bali Safari Park, near Ubud, Indonesia

BINGO, hit it big on this pick.  This place is amazing (I think I may have said this before, but wow, great experience).  The park is like in the Indonesian jungle, surrounded by rice pattys (we can see the workers from our room), quiet and safe.  Our African style family-size hut is on stilts, with a view of rhinos and deer and wildebeasts.  Our room came with a bucket of carrots to feed the zebra and deer, is spotless and cool, and is in the middle of the 80 acre safari park, with exotic animals from Asia and Africa, too - like safari minus malaria (we are SO excited!)  Africa was the area of the world we didn't explore, and this is the best rolled into one.  Safari passes and breakfast, and foot massages included.  Sweet.
How can I add all these animals to our lists?  The Komodo dragons are unreal - glad there is a thick glass between us.  The pythons are on both sides of the glass... baby orangatans to hold, white tigers to feed, lions over dinner, zebras while we swim, honestly the pictures are the only way to share this super place, and I will add more details with better wi-fi service (only drawback so far!)

Our trip to Bali was only two nights, three days, with Day 3 being a late flight to Australia.  We had an Australian TV channel in our "hut", so we watched in despair at the state of Queensland.... major flooding in Toowomba with 15 or more deaths and over 70 missing, and the flooding heading to Brisbane city with the worst expected Thursday morning....about the same time our flight was due to land.  The Prime Minister came on and boldly stated that all travel to Queensland should be avoided, as water resources and electricity were a major concern.  The last thing we wanted was to land in the middle of the zone, and miss a connecting flight..... PLAN B?

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