Saturday, January 29, 2011

Elephant Rocks

After a night of rain, the sun was shining again this morning, and we headed down to the beach for a dip.  The water is much cooler here than in Coral Bay, and a refreshing dip after the hot sun.  The boys managed the swim across the lagoon to the large rock formations, where the rough surf breaks to create this safe little swimming area.  The strong current and knowledge of the Great Whites on the other side was enough to encourage the boys to stay on the quite side of the rocks.

Stu and Chantelle are doing well, and it is great to catch up with them again.  We have been able to share our travel stories, and looking back it is rewarding to see how much our kids have learned and witnessed during the past three months.  They have a huge appreciation for different cultures and landscapes and histories than cannot be gained by simply reading or seeing something on television.  We are very glad we have been able to share this experience with them, as we have learned much through their eyes as well.  And boy, do they have stories to tell.

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