Tuesday, January 25, 2011


In the distance the ocean waves looked like a great place to play, and the sand dunes didnt really seem that far. Funny how really large things can appear way closer than they actually are. The kids headed off this morning with hats, sunscreen and water to play on the dunes, and boy they were gone long enough that we went off in search of them.... There in the distance, those dots on the top of the really high dune yes, that's them, wow did they ever walk far, and it is heating up out here, yet again.

Rick and I were glad when they finally heard us calling them, and they were pretty tired by the time we met up.... Rick was batting away at any critters in the tall grass, and I was concerned about them getting lost on the wrong bushtrail but Travis knew exactly where he was heading, it just was taking longer than anticipated. They still had water left,but Katie was starting to power out - I guess, I think they went about 5 miles all in.... crazy kids on a walk-about.

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