Friday, January 14, 2011

Landing in Perth

Flight:  Virgin Blue (had to buy an extra one, x6) Bali to Perth, Western Australia, 3.5 hours
Accomodation:  The Ambassador hotel, downtown Perth, booked at the airport on arrival.

An extra night in Bali at the fifth hotel we tried - it is much busier here than it was in Thailand, with mostly Australian visitors (school summer holiday right now).  Nice spot near the beach, I dont remember the name of the neigborhood, but near the airport and good breakfast included, all good if you don't count the rat Rick saw swimming in the "water feature" in the lobby....five star!
Flight from Bali to Perth was 3.5 hours or so, definately budget plane this one.  We were expecting something nice (at least as nice as the South American airlines we flew) from Virgin and Richard Brampton (or whatever his name is) but honestly, like a cross between Westjet for friendliness but Delta for cheap!  Couldn't even get a glass of water without paying extra, and credit cards only, even for $2 transactions.  Wouldn't recommend Virgin.
Landing in Perth, we were rather upside down.  We had planned to arrive in Sydney, New South Wales, not Western Australia, and having done no research and little internet access, we had no clue where to go or which way to head when we arrived.  The tourist bureau helped us find a hotel (central city?) called the Ambassador, but it looks like internet is going to be an issue in Australia.  They handed me a cord when we arrived....mmm, same kind of internet access as Canada, eh?

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