Monday, January 24, 2011

Dawn on the Road, and Off-Road

We packed up the night before, and hit the highway at first light. Diesel up north hit a high of $1.55/L, and three drinks (like, a gatorade and two chocolate milks) at the roadhouse were $15.... not cheap here. We had 750km under the belt by lunch, and headed to Kalbarri National Park for a look around the canyons of the Murchison River. An innocent request for a picture meant a short side trip offroad, where no RV likely ever went before... ooooh, redneck farm boys. Yes, just like National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

We thought we might stay at a Station overnight rather than a caravan park but the two options were closed due to forecasted floodwaters heading their way... geez, Aussies must be a hardy lot with natural disasters a seamingly regular occurance. We kept on the road another hour (total day, almost 1000 km) and made it back to the spot we liked north of Geraldton, with a nice pool, nice breeze, no flies and good wifi.... what more could a family want?

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