Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mom!!! There's a Lion in the Toilet!!!

Katie could write a very thick book on her bathroom experiences on this trip.  Let's summarize by saying we are grateful she is a trooper with a great sense of humor.  One of the best stories was here at Bali Safari, where our delicious dinner is accompanied by the lions of Africa, listening the roar as they talk and mostly sleep on the rocks at the restaurant.  But Katie, off to the restroom as soon as the meal arrives, had a "close encounter" of her own.  Happy to have determined which of the Balinese words meant "ladies", she was confident in her choice and went about her business (also happy there was a real, porcelin toilet and an easy-to-figure flush mechanism).  Rounding the corner to the sink, she reached for the lap to discover she was face-to-face with Lion #4, who was leaning with his nose pressed against the 2 inch glass right at the sink.  Startled (!) and shocked, she left the tap running and came tearing out of the washroom yelling through the restaurant "MMMMOOOOMMMM! There's a lion in the the toilet!!!".  Of course, big brothers to the rescue ( Travis with the camcorder in hand) JC not far behind, all four headed back to the scene (Ladies room or not) to see the Lion up close.  She was right.  There was a lion in the bathroom.  Right beside the sink.  Best bathroom yet.


  1. Hi Lisa

    Would like to make contact with you - and not sure how to do that. Could you email me please? jacqui at bit by bit dot co nz.

    I have just bought a copy of your ebook through smashwords, and enjoying it tremendously.



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  2. Hi Jacqui!
    Tried your email but I might be entering it wrong - got bounced back.
    Feel free to find me on Facebook at 6 Andersons 1 World.
    Twitter - 6anderson1world
    or email me directly :) 6andersons1world@gmail.com
    Cheers to you too, and thanks for the encouragement! The next five continents are on smashwords.com as well, if you'd like to continue the adventures :)