Friday, January 21, 2011

SHARK!!!glub, glub, glub

The caravan parks in Coral Bay are all along the ocean, with a nice breeze and a spot of shade. The water there is crystal blue, with white sand and shallow a long way out, water as warm as a bathtub, to the point of us wishing it was cooler.

With our masks on, we could see large snapper fish and small spotted rays, and yes, we see sharks! First glimpse and a swallow of seawater later, heart racing, yes, shark body but a flat head like a ray.... mmm.... does it even have teeth? Well, this type of shark is a bottom feeder, moves relatively slowly and didnt seem that concerned with us at all. A dogfish shark, according to the fish chart we saw later in the dive shop.

Travis and Derek both had great fun following it around, and then spotted at least three more of them, one up to three feet long. Katie thought it was cool, once assured it didn't want to eat her like the ones on Discovery Channel. Jaclyn liked the rays better, as they had some personality, looking back at you with there top surface eyes, and calming floating tothe next spot for a barbs on their tails, so very unthreatening. Katie was singing her favorite bath-tub song"Imaging the ocean I can see, waves in the ocean here with me.... I see creatures big and small, lots of fish, I like them all!"


  1. Oh my gosh! Can you please tell me the title and author of that "Imagining the ocean I can see waves in the bathtub here with me..." book?! I've been trying to track it down FOREVER. It was my all-time favorite book as a kid and I can't find it anywhere!!

  2. I believe the author is Eugenie Fernandez... love that story!!!