Thursday, January 13, 2011

Changing Plans

We went to the airport early on Wednesday evening to see what options might be available. According to the Virgin website, we could get full reimbursement to cancel or no few for changes, but of course in Bali the local staff had no idea of the state of affairs in Brisbane....mmmm.  So, after much "rigamaroll" we managed to cancel our trip to Sydney/East Australia and reroute for the next available flight to Western Australia.... Perth it is.  That way we can still do the motorhome thing and not get stuck in the mud.

While we were at the airport, the people on our original flight to Brisbane started to "queue", looking anxious and worried about what they would find once they got home.  One young traveller got stuck in the line with us, asked to pay over-weight and extra baggage fees to the tune of "one million dollars" (actually, ruppee, but still over a million!)  He was going to say stuff it, and leave the luggage in Bali, as he didn't have any more cash and they wouldn't take credit cards, he was really upset with the whole process.  We were glad to help him out - and hope that he doesn't have a worse surprise when he arrives at home in Brisbane to a flooded home.  He might need that suitcase, after all.

So unfortunately, our rendez-vous with Mom was not to be, but Perth was a better option for our next six weeks.  We are disappointed to be missing the Great Barrier Reef, and our thoughts are with our friends in Boggabilla as their town is next to be hit.  The weather is wicked - worst flooding they have ever recorded even with the new levy's and dams... not a place for tourists, for sure.

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