Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fishing in the Deep Blue Sea

A day on the ocean spent with friends and drinks, eating a free lunch fresh from the sea, what's not to love?  Well, the waves for starters.  Ohhhh, forgot for a moment that I am not a good sailor.  Gravol for everyone!  Good news was none of us actually lost our cookies, though it was close, and with a second round of drugs (one is good, two must be better) I was able to enjoy a Breezer with the fresh caught lunch.  Then I slept through the whole "deep sea" fishing for Marlin part, but apparently didnt miss anything. After the trip, we were told it isn't Marlin season (of course, lol) I would love to spin a great yarn about the huge fish we caught, but not being a seasoned fisher-woman, I will say that each of the boys were able to reel in a tuna (think a full can worth, at least) and we had at least a dozen fish to count at the end of the day.  Life is good.
Even sweeter, the day was Scott's treat and we had wonderful company getting re-acquainted with Janelle, Tyler and Tara, Ashley and Scott's family, the Manicon's from Southern Ontario. The girls stayed behind and played on the beach all day, very wise choice in retrospect - I am sure they would not have enjoyed the seasick part....Janelle has a keeper with Scott, too (not that it counts, but we are with Donna, you have our blessing!).  We hope to visit them in Toronto and hear their adventures of Borneo, which is where they are spending the next four weeks... I'm sure there will be many tales to tell there!  Thanks again Scott from Travis, Derek and I for the great day at sea.

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  1. Did Rick go fishing as well, or did he stay and play ont he beach with the girls?
    Sounds like quite the adventure.......