Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When in Doubt, Add a Country - Off to Indonesia

When putting this trip together, the first half was relatively easy.  We traced Ancient Civilizations from South America to Spain, then the Roman Empire and into Greece, off to Ancient Egypt and a detour to Petra, Jordan.  Then Thaliand for Christmas and some time of rest.  Where to next?

Well, Austrailia and New Zealand, but where to start?  The weather in Queensland is frightful right now - 1 in 100 year flooding in Rockhampton and Bundaburg (two must-see's on our list) and our plans of seven weeks in Oz mean flexiblity so, where is the best flight path?  Mmmm.  After a full day on the computer, looks like we can fly for half the cost if we stop for a couple days in Bali, so decision made - Bali it is!

Now, with our pitiful Canadian SE Asia geography education, we truly no nothing of Bali, or the rest of the Indo-Pacific area either.  We located in island of Bali on a map, read some tripadvisor reports, and picked a Jungle Safari park as a good location for a three day, two night trip.  True, not enough time to see Bali, but a quick taste of the island and wow, this park looks awesome, so Bali Safari it is...
Three hour flight, one hour time change, humidity of 99%, butterflies, flowers, birds and snakes.... welcome to Bali, Indonesia!

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