Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bottle feeding a kangaroo

Today was a super day in the Land of Oz.
We woke at dawn, packed without waking the sleeping foursome, and hit the country roads heading north before the heat of the day set in.  Sure enough, about ten minutes up the road we spotted an emu with six roo buddies, grazing under a gum tree.  Katie has been bugging us for days to see a kangaroo, and last night's spotting expedition was a bust.  So we hit the brakes, woke the kids, and pointed into the distance as of course, the roos bounded away, wondering what was with the tourists in the motorhome.... Did you see the kangaroo, Katie?  "I think so", she said as she rubbed her tired eyes.  No.
Well, getting desparate enough for a zoo at this stage, I found just the solution in the next caravan park.... beach, shade, pool, and "feed the kangaroos", really?  mmm, worth a try.
Up the highway from Gingin 4 hours north to Geraldton.  We grabbed a quick pub lunch at the Freemasons Hotel and Tavern (not what Rick was hoping), which is no longer the $5 meal it was in the 90's.  Good thing we are cooking our own meals now or we would be back in Canada before the January thaw.  A little further to the caravan park in Drummond Cove, and yes, they have vacancy, and the kangaroos come out at six....okay, just a little more to wait.
But well worth it.  Three roos, one a Big Red that has been bottle-fed since a joey (now going on 12 years old!) and "tame as".  All of the kids got to feed him, and pet him (very soft) and ride him around the paddock (okay, not really, but Travis would probably say he did, lol)
Day 5 in Australia, played with a kangaroo, check!

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